• Dainty yet strong
    The Columbine is one of my favourite flowers. They look so very delicate: with their soft pink colour of the blossoms and their fine lines, and dainty shapes of the leaves and flower heads. At the same time, the Columbine is sturdy and durable and will grow back year after year after year – even … Continue readingDainty yet strong
    This year, we had to wait incredibly long for the first true spring day – and this weekend it was finally here! The sun finally came out for a whole day, it was warm and nature practically burst out with colours. This year, the greens seem particularly lush, the colours overall a little brighter and … Continue readingSPRING IS FINALLY HERE!
  • The Magic of Spirit Island
    Canada’s Rockies are such a beautiful place on earth and there are many places that I would describe as magical. But I see why Spirit Island in Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park is truly a special place. It is one of the most photographed spots in the Canadian Rockies and most likely you have … Continue readingThe Magic of Spirit Island
  • Szczecin’s modern side
    Before I visited the polish city Szczecin for the fist time, I was expecting a city style that is mixed between Art Nouveau, Renaissance and Socialist architecture – and that is true for most parts of the city. The mix of different architecture styles is interesting to see and gives the city its own, very … Continue readingSzczecin’s modern side
  • Amrum’s Lighthouse
    I love spending time at the coast, but not just during summer. I particularly like the North Sea during autumn when the temperatures wind down and the winds are getting stronger. It may not be time to go for a swim anymore during this time, but I love to walk along sandy beaches and almost … Continue readingAmrum’s Lighthouse