• Can’t wait to grow up
    After a two-year break, the Fiestas del Mayo were back this year in Caravaca de la Cruz Spain.  I will share an updated post on the festivities in 2022 soon. But I wanted to share this picture first: It captures one of my favourite traditions at this festival. While the grown-ups race towards the castle … Continue readingCan’t wait to grow up
  • A Splash of Colour
    Around this time of year, I am starting to get a little tired of winter. I start longing for brighter, longer days and more colour in my life. Thankfully, the world seems to slowly wake up: the first spring flowers are growing, and the first fresh green leaves are starting to appear on the trees … Continue readingA Splash of Colour
  • The American Dream
    There are few places that symbolize the American Dream and are so deeply connected to the history of the United States of America as Ellis Island. From 1892 to 1954, nearly 12 million immigrants arrived at the shore of New York City hoping to find a better life in this new world. They all went … Continue readingThe American Dream
  • The Seven Bulls
    The Seven bulls are a popular tourist attraction in Kyrgyzstan. The massive stone formation is particularly beautiful in late spring and early summer when the rich greens of the surrounding valley contrast the red stone. The legend of the Seven Bulls tells the story of two Khans who were fighting over a woman: one of … Continue readingThe Seven Bulls
  • Coffee Break
    Now that the days are getting shorter, I enjoy a cosy day inside wrapped up in a warm blanket, a book in my hands, and a hot drink right next to me. As much as I love a cup of tea, I enjoy freshly brewed coffee just as much. But did you know that a … Continue readingCoffee Break