• Szczecin’s modern side
    Before I visited the polish city Szczecin for the fist time, I was expecting a city style that is mixed between Art Nouveau, Renaissance and Socialist architecture – and that is true for most parts of the city. The mix of different architecture styles is interesting to see and gives the city its own, very … Continue readingSzczecin’s modern side
  • Amrum’s Lighthouse
    I love spending time at the coast, but not just during summer. I particularly like the North Sea during autumn when the temperatures wind down and the winds are getting stronger. It may not be time to go for a swim anymore during this time, but I love to walk along sandy beaches and almost … Continue readingAmrum’s Lighthouse
  • Swedish Summer
    In the Swedish countryside time seems to be standing still sometimes. You can take endless strolls through enchanted woods and along crystal clear lakes. And every once in a while you will pass by an old farm house or a secluded holiday home – and it all looks so calm and beautiful and soothing that … Continue readingSwedish Summer
  • Living under the rainbow
    When they hear the word “Plattenbau” or industrialised apartment block, most people think of grey, cheerless facades stretching into the distance that make it hard to believe it is possible to live a happy life there. But not so in Berlin Lichtenberg! The area is full of apartment blocks – so much so that it … Continue readingLiving under the rainbow
  • Can’t wait to grow up
    After a two-year break, the Fiestas del Mayo were back this year in Caravaca de la Cruz Spain.  I will share an updated post on the festivities in 2022 soon. But I wanted to share this picture first: It captures one of my favourite traditions at this festival. While the grown-ups race towards the castle … Continue readingCan’t wait to grow up