Dainty yet strong

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The Columbine is one of my favourite flowers. They look so very delicate: with their soft pink colour of the blossoms and their fine lines, and dainty shapes of the leaves and flower heads. At the same time, the Columbine is sturdy and durable and will grow back year after year after year – even in the small pots on our tiny balcony. They seem to have such a strong sense of survival – which to me is not the first thing you would expect when you see this delicate flower.

Even if you do not have green thump, you can try to grow one yourself: just collect the seeds of a faded and tried up flower at the end of spring. You can store them in the fridge during winter and then plant them in the following spring. They enjoy a spot that gets enough light and prefer a constantly moist soil – but they also grow in rocky areas. They really do not need much to survive. It takes a few weeks before the seedlings emerge from the soil but then they grow fast and you do not have to wait long before you can enjoy the first flowers.

Or you just let them seed naturally and slowly take over your garden! 

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