About Me

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Anna, and on this blog I am sharing pictures, little stories, tips and tricks from my little adventures. I like to venture out into this world to places far away or close in my neighbourhood, to lively cities, breathtaking nature or spooky abandoned places.

As much as I like exploring and experiencing the world around me, I also like to take pictures. I’m taking my DSLR camera basically everywhere I go, but at the same time I also love the charm and retro feel of instant photography. So usually, one of my old Polaroid cameras is also acompanying be on my little expeditions.

As a girl who is on the road as much as possible, my stories focus on travelling from my female perspective. Still, this blog is not intended to be your typical travel blog with lots of information on where to go and what to do, reviews of places or travel hacks. Instead, I want to take up the art of writing postcards: I always write postcards to family and friends while I am on the road. With postcards, I can send them tiny impressions from my trip – a picture, a short story or anecdote. I try to use the same concept here on this blog: posting a picture with some interesting information, a useful tip, a remarkable encounter, a funny memory… no more than a little glimpse into each place.

In this way, I am sharing a potpurri of the (visual) stories I create on my travels. The posts are not necessarily in chronological order of the places I visit. Rather, it is a collection of old and new memories that I’d like to share with the world. My life is colourful and so is this site – I hope you enjoy my blog!

P.S.: If you read through my blog and you like what you see, or if you are looking for some more advice regarding the places I’ve visited, please shoot me a message at anna@postcardfromtheroad.eu or leave a comment and I will be happy to share more detailed insights and tips with you.