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Bruno Weber was a Swiss architect and artist. He started out as a painter and graphic artists, but his most fascinating work are his surreal sculptures. These fantastic creatures have been arranged in a park, which was his home for many years and is also open to the public.

He build a house in the garden which looks like a castle right from a quirky fairy tale: it is decorated with colourful mosaics and there are little animal sculptures, heads and gargoyles everywhere, numerous columns and reliefs have been added over the years and the tower gives the house an even more castle-like feel.

The entire garden is full of fantastic sculptures in all shapes and sizes which fit so well in the nature surrounding the park and you can spend hours exploring the 20.000 m2 without getting bored. There is always a new tiny little detail to find or a nice bench to be discovered where you can sit down, relax, and enjoy the beautiful views.

Tip: If you want to visit the Bruno Weber Park, you can easily reach it by public transport. The park is situated on the Weinberg hill towards the Heitersberg mountain. It can be reached by bus from both Dietikon and Spreitenbach or you take a beautiful walk for about 30 minutes from the Dietikon railway station.

Bruno Webers fantastic sculptures

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