Architecture is frozen music

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“Architecture is frozen music”(Johann Wolfang von Goethe) – I cannot imagine a description that is more fitting when looking at the Elbphilharmonie (or Elbe Philharmonic Hall) in Hamburg, Germany. It is a concert hall located in the HafenCity quarter by the Elbe river. The building – which locals affectionately call Elphi – combines modern architecture, state-of-the-art acoustics and the historical roots of the area. The Elphi sits on top of an old warehouse building, which was the typical type of building in the old Speicehrstadt, and to me resembles a hoisted sail, or a water wave, which refers Hamburg’s history as an important player in world trade and the city being a portal to the world through its gigantic harbour since centuries.

Tip: Since January 2017, you can enjoy concerts in 3 concert halls or stay in the hotel located inside Elphi. However, if you are visiting Hamburg on a budget, you can still visit the Plaza for free: On the 8th floor of Elphi there is an observation deck, which is publicly accessible and offers stunning views over the river Elbe and the city.

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