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Swim Suits line drying with pine trees in the background

While I am melting away in the Berlin summer heat, I can’t help but think of one of my favourite ways to cool down. One is certainly eating ice cream. But swimming and playing in the water is certainly a close runner-up. So naturally, I had to try surfing at some point – I was not very good at it, but I had a lot of fun trying to ride my first waves!

I chose the beautiful coast of Portugal, and more precisely the beach of Cascais, for my little adventure. From a surfer’s perspective, Portugal has it all. It has beautiful beaches, friendly people, awesome waves and is still authentic an pretty affordable.

It turned out that Cascais was actually a perfect spot for a beginner like me and I could get used to the laidback yet active surfer lifestyle. I really enjoyed the combination of regular exercise, learning basics about waves, the wind, and the ocean in general, healthy, fresh food, and time for reading, writing and relaxing. The daily routine of getting up early, surfing, and then spending quiet afternoons at the beach or in the beautiful backyard of our surfer’s lodge, was so relaxing. At the same time, I felt productive and energized – I will definitely come back!

Tip: For beginners, the waves are actually the best during the summer months. However, the beaches can get really crowded during the high season. I recommend either going early in the season (May/ June) or in September – the waves are still smaller, and you’ll have much more space at the beach!

Swim Suits line drying with pine trees in the background

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