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Cherry trees on Mauerweg in Berlin

Cherry blossoms add a blob of colour everywhere you find a cherry tree in spring. So, it makes sense that they are a very popular motive for photographers all over the world, not just in Japan.

However, nothing can compare to the sheer beauty of alleys and parks of cherry trees, which makes you feel like bathing in pink flowers when wandering around in cherry blossom season.

If you don’t want to travel all the way to Japan (or can’t like right now because of the Coronavirus crisis), you may find a good alternative right around the corner: every spring, parts of the Berlin Wall Trail turn into a sea of pink flowers. In 1990, the people of Japan raised funds for donating cherry trees to celebrate German reunification. Since that time, we can enjoy Sakura – the cherry blossom season – in Berlin, too!

Tip: Obviously, this part of the Berlin Wall Trail is quite popular in springtime and many people come for a walk and taking pictures during the weekends. So, if you can, go early in the morning or – even better – visit on a working day and you have a chance to escape the crowds.

Cherry trees on Mauerweg in Berlin

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