Cherry Blossom Season is Arriving

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In Germany, we did not have a very hard winter in 2019/20, but still, I can’t wait for the days to get longer and warmer! Luckily, we changed the time to summertime this weekend, so we already have a lot more daylight in the evenings. And nature is also getting ready for the warm days – the cherry trees even started blooming again!

There are many places in Berlin where you find beautiful cherry trees (and I will probably mention a few more on this blog soon). One of my favourite places is the yard behind the “Holzlaube” of Freie Universität Berlin where the history and cultural science departments have some of their offices. The building was opened in 2015 and is sleek, light and modern. To me, planting the cherry trees in the back was a great choice as the light pink colour of the blossoms matches the light brown colour so very well. And on sunny days, the bright blue sky builds the perfect contrast!

Tipp: If you are looking for a cosy place to study but still prefer a productive environment, try the libraries and lounge areas in the Holzlaube: they are modern, comfortable and you are surrounded by others who are also working (and may take the time for a joint coffee break every now and then).

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