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After a two-year break, the Fiestas del Mayo were back this year in Caravaca de la Cruz Spain.  I will share an updated post on the festivities in 2022 soon. But I wanted to share this picture first: It captures one of my favourite traditions at this festival. While the grown-ups race towards the castle of Caravaca de la Cruz with their horses on May 2, the kids of Caravaca repeat the same tradition only a day later with their ponies!

The set up is exactly the same: Four kids dressed up in the traditional white uniform and red bandana, the ponies covered in a beautiful costume, racing up the hill towards the castle. While this event does not attract the same crowds as the massive spectacle the day before, I think it is so much more fun to watch the pony race! If you ever get the chance to attend the fiestas in Caravaca, do not miss out on this!

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