Winter fun

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Usually, February is the time when winter starts to get a little boring. And even though I like the cold, I start longing for warmer days when the sun puts a smile back on peoples faces and nature shows itself from its most colourful, lively side.  Especially during a global pandemic, the dull weather makes the days even more dreary.

Last weekend, however, winter showed a more charming side: The temperatures dropped heavily and it snowed for days – but then the sun finally came out! This is how I love winter: cold temperatures, now glittering in the sun, and all the fun winter activities that you can finally try! I saw so many smiling faces!

And best of all is when the lakes are finally frozen, and you can go ice skating! This hardly ever happens, and therefore is all the more fun and exciting.

Be careful, though! Walking on the ice can be dangerous and you should only do it if it is absolutely certain that it is thick enough to support you!

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