Visiting Nice and the Glamorous Côte D’Azur

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a man sitting by the turquise sea with his fiwshin gear next to him. He wears a red cap which nicely contrasts with the grey and blue of the sourrundings

In Nice, you immediately notice that this has always been a place for the wealthy. The architecture, fancy hotels and broad streets tell stories from a past of glamour and luxury. But also today, it is a cultural centre of the French Rivera and worth a visit all year round.

In Nice

With approximately 350.000 inhabitants it is the largest city of the region. As a cultural hub of the area, millions of people come to visit Nice each year to visit the numerous theatres, museums, and beautiful parks. Most people visit in summer, so it can get crowded, but as the climate is mild throughout the whole year, why not visiting at a less popular time? A little rain shower can even help to create some unique photo opportunities – just look at the beautiful reflections in a puddle. It is particularly popular during the summer month, when you can also take a refreshing bath in the turquoise sea.

Niçoise beaches

The French Rivera is known for the warm waters and intense colours of the sea. On a sunny day the water sparkles in all shades of blue imaginable – ranging from a deep dark blue to a bright and shiny turquoise. In Nice, there are no sandy beaches. Instead, they are mostly made of pebbles. To me that made the contrast between the colours of the beach and the sea even more intense and beautiful. And even though I generally prefer sandy beaches for hanging out, spending a day at the beach is a must for people watching, bathing and just relaxing.

Day Trips from Nice

If you are done wandering the streets of Nice, visiting museums, sipping coffee on the beautiful squares, or hanging out at the beach, you might think of doing some day trips from Nice. There are many options. The most popular day trips are probably Monaco (casinos, fast cars, jewellery, and other luxuries all around), and the village of Eze Sur Mer. Eze is a charming little hilltop town. You can either take a bus or walk up to the town on the Nietzsche path. It takes about 45 minutes and is pretty steep, but it is easily understandable why Nietzsche was charmed by the town and the views you have while climbing up there. When you reach Eze, you’ll find beautiful cobblestone streets and beautiful flowers everywhere. The town is famous for its traditional perfume handicraft. You can find many shops with locally handcrafted perfumes and soaps. Even though Eze is far from being as glamorous as Monaco or St. Tropez, it can get quite crowdy on a sunny day. So if you want to escape the tourists, it may be worth staying on the bus a little longer until you reach Menton. It is a quite little town close to the Italian boarder and far less crowded. They have mastered the art of turning lemons into tasty limoncello, cakes, jams, and everything else you can imagine being made from soap. So don’t forget to try some when you visit!

Fun fact: The Côte D’Azur got its name from a poet. Stéphen Liégeard published a book titled „La Côte d’Azur“ in 1887, and the catchy name was quickly picked up.

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