Unsere Welt neu Denken (“Re-thinking our World”)

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by Maja Göpel

Maja Göpel, Secretary-General of the German Advisory Council on Global Change, challenges our idea of the world and the economic system we currently live in. By putting thought-provoking questions out there and providing mind-boggling facts about the current state of the world, she takes us on a journey to reassess our current way of life and our relationship with the planet.

How can we redesign the current economic system in a way that it becomes more efficient and just? Currently, we are both physically inefficient since we use too many resources while at the same time producing too much waste and emissions, and socially ineffective since we do not manage to distribute goods fairly among the population so that poverty still is a major problem in many parts of the world.

Maja Göpel is convinced that technology alone will not save us. What is needed is a change in our mindset and habits to make us escape the developments we are currently trapped in.

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