Those Hazy Lazy Summer Days

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Sometimes I miss those lazy days in summer when you just hang out at a bech without a care in the world. Just good friends, a thrilling book, and some refreshments. When it gets too hot you just jump into the sea – sometimes that’s all the adventure I need.

Punta Penna near Vasto (Abruzzo/ Italy) is a beach that is perfect for a day like that. It is located close to a natural reserve, you can visit a beatuiful lighthouse on your way to the beach or stop at one of the old wooden fisher hats at the seaside which has been turned into a restaurant. It is mostly known among locals and never too crowded – perfect to have some peace and quiet!

Tip: if you stay until the late evening, there will probably be some locals as well who often light a bonfire. ANd what is more romantic than watching the stars while sitting next to a bonfire at the beach hearing the waves crashing at the shore?

Punta Penna

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