The Seven Bulls

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The Seven bulls are a popular tourist attraction in Kyrgyzstan. The massive stone formation is particularly beautiful in late spring and early summer when the rich greens of the surrounding valley contrast the red stone.

The legend of the Seven Bulls tells the story of two Khans who were fighting over a woman: one of the Khans fell in love with the other’s wife. Their rivalry over the beautiful women led to war. The suitor managed to get hold of the woman but was afraid of losing her again to her husband. He thought that the only way to keep her was to kill her. He organised a feast to kill seven bulls as well as his wife. When the bulls were stabbed, their blood flooded the valley and killed everyone around. The blood washed away the bodies of the bulls. When the flood finally stopped, the bulls turned into stone.

Tip: To get a better view of this incredible stone formation, I recommend climbing the path that starts between the shops on the opposite side of the rock formation​.

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