Fading away

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Jökulsarlon in Iceland is breathtakingly beautiful – even on cold and rainy days like the one in the picture. But who knows how long we can still enjoy the icy structures and wintry colours? The adjoining glacier is retreating fast and one day only a large fjord will remain where we can today still find the Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon.

A glacier that has already overtaken this fate is Okjokull. It was officially declared already in 2014 – at the age of around 700 years. It was no longer thick enough to move – a defining feature of glaciers. Now, all that remains is a patch of ice on top of a volcano. This year a plaque was installed near the remains of the glacier to remind future generations of what happened – and to remind us, who are living today to treat our planet with care. Climate change is happening and humans play a big role in this. Let us do all we can to keep the impacts of climate change as little as it is still possible!

Floating Ice on the Jökulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

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