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I love to see how other people approach photography and create artworks on film! And one way of exploring works of lesser-known photographers is the website feature shoot – and the most fun part of this initiative for me is the Print Swap. Everyone who is interested can submit a photo online and if it is accepted, you will receive a print from a random another photographer from around the world (for a small fee).

I think that it is a great way to become part of a wider community. And moreover, the Print Swap also organizes small photography exhibitions in public spaces all around the world – and guess what: one of my pictures has been selected to be displayed at one of these exhibitions!

I am taking photos as a hobby, I am not a professional photographer and don’t have any aspirations to become one. Nevertheless, I was extremely happy when The Feature Shoot decided to include one of my pictures in one of their exhibitions.

The photo of a winding road through an otherworldly landscape was taken on the Faroe Islands and is currently exhibited at Endorffeine Coffee in Los Angeles! You have time until February 15, 2020, to treat yourself to a cup of really good coffee and take a look at the pictures on display.

If you are interested, you can find more information at: https://www.featureshoot.com/2019/12/announcing-the-winners-of-the-print-swap-exhibitions-plus-some-big-news/

Unwinding – The Faroe Islands

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