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Berlin is a city that constantly changes, every day, all year round. And even though the city feels more crowded every year, there are still unused and open spaces, even in central areas. One of those abandoned yet central and very visible spots is the Haus der Statistik (house of statistics) right next to Alexanderplatz. However – as nothing ever stays the same – a group of administrative representatives and artists work on a concept for a future use of the building that is oriented towards the common good. Already today, the artists use the facade of the building for sending critical messages, such as the lettering “Allesandersplatz” (Everything-is-different-square) on top of the building to spark discussion.

Tip: If you are interested in the history of the building and the concepts and current developments, you can get in tough with the Initiative Haus der Statistik.

Everthing changes

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