Flamingo Love

Flamingos are monogamous – once they mate, they tend to stay with their partner and build a nest together, raise their chicks together, and protect them from predators. However, raising a chick is not just the task of the pair. It takes the whole flock to stick together, protect the … Continue readingFlamingo Love

Exhibition Announcement

I love to see how other people approach photography and create artworks on film! And one way of exploring works of lesser-known photographers is the website feature shoot – and the most fun part of this initiative for me is the Print Swap. Everyone who is interested can submit a … Continue readingExhibition Announcement

Cats of Istanbul

Istanbul is a bustling place, full of people, but it doesn’t take long to notice that there are almost as many cats roaming the streets of this metropolis bridging Eastern and Western worlds. Cats have been living in Istanbul since the times of the Ottoman Empire. They arrived on merchant … Continue readingCats of Istanbul